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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us and the protection of your personal information is our number one priority. This page will discuss how we collect and use your personal information.  

Data and Information Collection

The nature of our business requires that we collect specific information from you, the customer, such as your personal financial information or information related to your business. We use a minimalist approach and will only collect the data that we need, to provide you with the services that you have engaged us to perform. We collect this data by requesting such information from you or a designated representative of your business. If at any point, you have any questions on the data or information we are requesting, please feel free to contact us and share your concerns. If at anytime you want to request a return of any data or information we have collected from you, we will return all collected hard copy/paper information and data to you within 10 working business days. Additionally, we will purge our electronic records of any collected data.

Data and Information Storage

The nature of our business requires that we maintain accurate business records and store potentially sensitive data for specific periods of time. For you the customer, we may be required to store your data, tax forms, business data, and other potentially sensitive information in both paper and electronic forms.  We make every effort to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of your personal and business information. In the event of any potential breach of data security, we will contact you and provide you with any relevant information, as required by the law. Since we will only store information and data on an “as needed” basis, we cannot guarantee the long term storage of your data.

Data and Information Use

Once we collect your information, we only use it for the purpose of providing the services to you, which you have engaged us to provide.  We will not sell, distribute, or otherwise provide your information or data to any third party, without your consent. We may use the information we collect to propose additional services that may meet needs you have expressed or that we, through our interactions and discussions with you, feel may benefit you or your business.